Cineglitch Entertainment is a boutique multimedia company focusing on diverse, character-driven stories with broad domestic and international market appeal. It was created by producer and writer Ken Morris in order to positively impact people's lives through the creative act of storytelling. Change the world by changing the way you see it. For any scripts, films or other content submissions, please use the contact page prior to sharing any physical or digital media. Thank you for your interest.


Upcoming Projects

The following are upcoming projects on the Cineglitch Entertainment slate.  For more information about any of the projects, or other titles not listed here, please reach out using the contact page.


The Fare [El Viaje] - 2018 (in development)

Based on true events, The Fare is a feature-length dramatic thriller set in the overlapping worlds of human trafficking and undocumented immigration. Starring Johnny Ortiz (American Crime, Soy Nero, McFarland) and written & directed by Santiago Paladines The Fare is about Javier, a young undocumented immigrant who just graduated high school.  Desperate for opportunity, he joins a smuggling gang and considers himself a "taxi" as he brings people across the border, that is, until he's asked to transport Cristina, a 12-year old girl from his home country of Ecuador forcing him to choose between betraying his gang, or betraying a child.

The Allnighter Cover resize test 640x480.jpg

The Allnighter - Fall 2017 (pre-production)

The Allnighter deals with the complex issues of family, relationships and the defense mechanisms we unconsciously create. The conflict of letting something go that serves to protect us, but also keeps us from realizing our full potential. An independent dramedy, The Allnighter follows Terence, an introverted Ph.D. candidate in search of a discovery in astrophysics, and Belle, a warm-hearted hustler looking to escape her past. A late night encounter entwines the lives of these two complex, resilient individuals as they navigate the challenges and realities that threaten to dismantle them.